Printing anything has become easier with the aid of multiple printer versions introduced in the market. It just one click step. HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 is the most notable producer of printers. While  are recognized for their reliability and effectiveness, they still demand an aiding hook from day-to-day usage.The HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 looks like every bit of the tiny business printer. There’s a print, scan, and fax column, accompanying both piped and cellular interface links. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 Printer can automatedly print on both fronts of a page. Sometimes you might encounter some paper adaptability problems while printing. But such issues are common. The technological concerns are the disturbing ones. And we all know printers collapse at the most unfavorable times.If you aren’t aware of or are encountering this HP OfficeJet Pro 8022 outmoded, impaired, or defaulted issue on your equipment then you are in right place.

How to Download HP OfficeJet 8022 Drivers?

Printing is made manageable and smooth with HP printers and hence if users are ever impelled across any restriction that stops them from managing the printer steadily, then they need to check the strength of the printer operators and presumably download HP printer drivers to improve the printer matters.
Proposing the most advanced printer driver upgrades has the potential to settle most printer-related concerns but one has to be conscious of the methods to download HP printer drivers efficiently. Some Windows users are facing printer resolvement issues whenever they strive to induct a printing task on their HP printer.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8022

Download HPOfficeJet 8022 Drivers from Official Website:

Now you can click on the Blue Download button to download HP Office Jet 8022 Printer  Drivers: 

Printer Model No Operating System Download Link
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer IOS 13.x Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Android Pie Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Android Oreo Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Windows 8.1 (32-bit) Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Windows 8 (32-bit) Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Windows 8 (64-bit) Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Windows 7 (32-bit) Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Windows 7 (64-bit) Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Windows 10 (32-bit) Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Windows 10 (64-bit) Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Mac OS 11.2 Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Mac OS 11.1 Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Mac OS 11.0 Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Mac OS 10.15 Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Mac OS 10.14 Download
HP Office Jet 8022 Printer Mac OS 10.13 Download

Here, we have penned down the simplest steps to establish the printer drivers from the legitimate website:

Step 1. Originate with HP’s official site and move to HP Assistance.

Step 2. Enlist your HP model name in the given space. Tap on it when you see the title.

Search model numberHP Office Jet 8022 Driver

Step 3. Click on the right front of the desktop where Drivers & download are situated.

Step 4. Pick the Operators or file management system based on what you want to download.

choose os for HP OfficeJet Pro 8022

Step 5. Pick the Select key on the right of the software or operator file you want to store. The select key then converts into a Close key

Step 6. Your software menu may alter based on your equipment. Choose Download to store the data on your system.

Step 7. If you face any obstacles while placing any data from the official site when employing the Chrome browser, please apply another web browser like Safari, Yahoo, Bing, Opera, etc.

Step 8. Once the download is achieved, tap twice on the data from the download division.

Step 9. Restart your system to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

How to install HP Office Jet 8022 Drivers?

HP submits the high-grade acquisition of operating system devices. It has suitable drivers for each model of the product. The HP Office Jet 8022 Printer is paramount and keen so you can focus on raising your work. It prints fresh and absolute business records both spontaneously and in a cost-effective method. Your HP printer will work pleasantly when you are executing the most superior quality of HP printer operators on your system. The latter methods can help you with the HP printer driver endowment. The methods are represented in a comprehensive and step-by-step method for quick understanding. Here’s how you can bring it on:

Method 1 – Install HP Office Jet 8022 Driver by Using Setup File (Automatically)

Here’s how you can carry out the installation of HP Office Jet 8022 drivers by utilizing Setup File automatically:

Step 1. Start the Control Switch from the Start pane by addressing the version in the search box and tap on it.

Step 2. Download the data. Confirm the system settings for the site where the file is being kept.

Step 3. Forthwith, you need to Double-tap the established data and join it to the Disk title.

Step 4. Therefore, click twice on the centralized Disk Icon.

Step 5. Double-click the “Setup” folder to scout the screen. By ascertaining the requirements on the desktop, load the software and authenticate the link settings for your machine.

Step 6. After the loading process has been concluded, keep in mind to pay out a system reboot to aid all adjustments to induct correctly.

Method 2 – Install HP Office Jet 8022 Driver Manually (“Add a Printer” Method):

Below we have mentioned the steps to install HP Office Jet 8022 Drivers manually via printer method:

Step 1. Actuate on to the start window and choose the printer & drivers option.

connecting option

Step 2. You will notice an ‘Add a Printer Option’ resided on the top left facade and click on that option.

Step 3. A printer layout medium will guide you to the question ‘How do you want to establish your printer’. The majority will settle for a USB Cable, so select the USB key.

Step 4. Choose the option exercising a current port and further tap on the ‘Next’ option.

network chek

Step 5. You will now notice the built-in operators menu. Select your printer and driver version. Push the ‘Next’ switch to instate the installation.

Step 6. If the above-stated built-in driver arrangement doesn’t succeed, you can speculate on the other two alternatives i.e., Have Disk and Windows Update prospect.

Step 7. To execute the ‘Have Disk’ option you are expected to have the drivers downloaded from the original site.

Step 8. Now accomplish the Window redevelopment and you are ready to tie the operators in your corresponding machine.

Setup finish

Method 3 – Install HP Office Jet 8022 Driver by Using CD or DVD Driver:

Steps to Install HP Office Jet 8022 Driver, by Using CD or DVD Driver are explained as follows:

Step 1. Plug into the socket and then insert the CD- ROM into the CD drive. The setup application will launch itself.

put cd in computer for HP OfficeJet Pro 8022

Step 2. If the application does not launch itself, double-click on the CD logo in the My Computer box. Type the subsequent text- MSETUP4.EXE and twice tap on it as soon as the CD ROM panel springs.

Step 3. Now hit the Run Msetup4.4×4 option on the autoplay pane, and then propel Yes or No to utilize the User Account Control Dialogue key.

Step 4. You’ll notice an “Easy Download” key, tap there.

Step 5. The operators, application software, and on-screen guides are established all collectively.

Step 6. If you need to choose particular items to download, tap on the Custom Install option.

Step 7. Click Install and the process is done.

installing officejet HP OfficeJet Pro 8022

Step 8. Henceforth, resume and reprint an inspection sheet to reexamine if the printer is working or not.


We hope that the above-mentioned solution definitely assisted you in fixing the HP OfficeJet driver errors. All the addressed resolutions are accurately verified by the specialists to get discard the problem, effortlessly and in a very efficient manner. If you are still facing or hanging in this issue or any other fault, do not hesitate to comment in the comments section or contact us via contact box so that we can fix and resolve it too by our quick techniques guides.

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